Light Communication Concepts

 Client bill of rights

1.      You have the right to use your own freewill and to make your own choices.

2.      You have the right to decide if and when you want a reading.

3.      You have the right to an informative and useful experience from your reading.

4.      Your entitled to ask questions at any time during your reading to get a complete understanding.

5.      You have the right to expect complete answers to your questions in your reading.

6.      Your reading is confidential and private.

7.      You can expect the full attention of your reader.

8.      Your reading is a complete service in itself. You are not required to purchase anything else.

9.      Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

10. You must be 18 years of age or have parental consent before you can obtain a reading.

11. Readers are not qualified to give medical advice.

12. Readers are not qualified to give legal advice.

13. Readers are not qualified to give financial advice.

14. All advice from reader is of a general nature and is not to be substituted for a qualified professional. ((An Attorney, Doctor, Financial Adviser.))

15. Readers are not qualified to make decisions for you.

16. Readings give you information on the path you are on at the time you receive the reading. You have the power to change or alter anything discussed in your reading at any time.

17. You have the right to report any complaints or infractions of your rights of the readers Code of Ethics. To Light Communication Concepts Without any fear of retribution from the reader or L.C.C.


Light Communication Concepts takes these rights very seriously if you feel any reader has infringed upon your rights please contact light communication concepts Ethics and Disciplinary Board. You may request a copy of their ruling concerning any of your complaints.

  Our Reading Fees

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